10 Facts To Help You Understand Chinese People (2022)

When you think of visiting China, you probably think of the food, the sights, and the history. Alongside all of these things, you'll find the Chinese people are what truly make this one of the greatest countries to visit in the world. Worried the cultural divide might be a little steep for your first visit? No problem. We've rounded up ten helpful tips you can follow to make sure you fit in, make friends, and get to know the people that call China home.

1. China Has A Coconut Culture

10 Facts To Help You Understand Chinese People (1)Welcoming smiles can be expected when traveling in China.

I find it helpful to remember this food-themed metaphor when interacting with people from different cultures. China is considered a coconut culture, while the United States is considered a peach culture. You are probably used to meeting new Americans who are open as soon as you meet them but may never follow through on their initial "we should get coffee sometime" attitude. America is a peach culture because peaches have soft outsides with a hard inside, which illustrates our initial openness to meeting new people.

In China, their culture is more like a coconut. While you may perceive Chinese people as being more "cold" than you are used to, this should not be interpreted as rudeness. A coconut culture is one where people present a formal exterior and close friendships are earned over time. Chinese people may present a stony exterior, but they are just as kind and welcoming as any other culture.

2. Family Is A Top Priority

10 Facts To Help You Understand Chinese People (2)Families are tightly knit units in traditional and modern Chinese culture.

In Western culture, if you meet an adult that still lives with their parents you may begin to make negative assumptions about their lifestyle. In China, close family ties are much more common and much more positive. Family members living in one home is no reflection on their success and is often the chosen living arrangement for everyone involved. Respect and close relationships with parents and children are the norm in China, as opposed to our more individualized approach in the West.

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Remembering this can help you to know what your new Chinese friend values and who else might be there if they invite you over for a meal.

3. The Chinese Have Stereotypes About Westerners Too

The stereotypes we have in the West about Chinese people are often based on harmful beliefs that cast them in a bad light. While traveling in China, you'll be able to see beyond what you've been told and get to know the real people of China. Of course, that means they will also get to know you.

The Chinese have their own stereotypes about foreigners that might impact your relationships. For example, many in China believe that all foreigners are wealthy. If you're American, you might be asked things like whether you own a gun and if you eat a lot of hamburgers. Keep this in mind as you plan your journey and get ready to become a bit of an ambassador during your travels.

4. Chinese People Can Remember Wars Fought At Home

10 Facts To Help You Understand Chinese People (3)Chinese military history is memorialized and accessible to foreigners with an interest in the history.

In the west, we've undergone many changes in the last 50 years. But as history will show you, our changes are vastly different than the changes China has experienced. World War 2 was devastating to the Chinese mainland, as millions of Chinese and Japanese died there in the war. Adding to this, China experienced another civil war immediately afterward, and many Chinese people also fought and died in the Korean War. While China has been at peace for decades, protecting their country and their own strength is still a major concern of both the government and its people.

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Remembering this past will be helpful if you ever discuss politics or history with a Chinese friend. Their recent history gives them different values and concerns when it comes to government and China's place in the world.

5. Health Is Major Motivator

The key to understanding someone is to know why they do what they do. With Chinese citizens, some of the most confusing behaviors come as a result of traditional beliefs about health. You may struggle to understand why your Chinese guide wears a thick coat on a day you might prefer a light jacket. Or you will probably wonder why the host at your favorite local restaurant offered you hot water in the middle of summer.

These and many more behaviorsare because of the traditional medicine beliefs about hot and cold temperatures in the body. The Chinese will often wear winter layers much longer than foreigners deem appropriate to keep off the winter chill. Likewise, hot water is seen as the healthy option even in the heat of summer.

6. Personal Space Is Much Smaller In China

10 Facts To Help You Understand Chinese People (4)Busy streets are nothing new to the Chinese.

Blame it on the collectivist society and urban expansion, but Chinese people are simply much more comfortable in tight spaces than foreigners. Whether it is a crowded metro car, or simply a conversation over a table, foreigners often feel a bit of claustrophobia in China.

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This can be unsettling at first. For example, in the west, if I bump into someone in a crowd I feel the need to apologize before moving on. In China, bumping into others is so inevitable most people do not stop to acknowledge it. Again, this isn't a sign of rudeness. It's simply a different set of manners adapted to the way the culture has developed

7. Different Philosophies Created Very Different Cultures

In China, the culture has been shaped largely by the tenants of eastern philosophies and religions like Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism. In each of these beliefs, values include harmony, fortune, and community. Understanding these roots can help you make sense of how those roots have influenced modern Chinese people's way of life.

China's society, even in the modern day, is influenced by these ideas. In a country with such a large population, keeping peace and harmony is always a major concern, which is why Chinese people often shy away from outright conflict. Getting along with people is often seen as more important than having their own opinion heard.

8. Chinese People Speak Bluntly But Not Always

10 Facts To Help You Understand Chinese People (5)Expect honest opinions from the Chinese people you meet.

We always hear that Asian rhetoric styles are very circular. Meaning, conversations will often circle around a point before finally arriving at it. This can be true when talking about how people approach delicate topics, but shouldn't be taken as a general rule. You may be surprised by the blunt way many Chinese people speak to foreigners.

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Back home, it would not be appropriate to comment on someone's body weight unless you are very close (maybe not even then). In China,however, opinion can be given very directly and without building much of a relationship. Once again, this is not an indication of rudeness. To state what is obvious to them is simply a form of conversational rhetoric.

9. Chinese People Will Be Eager To Practice English

In most Western countries, there is not much emphasis put on learning a second language from a young age. In China, the children (especially in urban settings) attend English classes starting very young. They are taught English as part of their school curriculum and most likely spend the hours after school at an English training program. All this study means that many of China's young people, even if they have never left the country, will be excited to say hello.

They do not expect foreigners to have very good Chinese language abilities and are usually surprised and impressed when foreigners give it a try. A few key phrases can go a long way in making a new friend in China.

10. Merchants Are More Flexible

10 Facts To Help You Understand Chinese People (6)Merchants will be eager to engage with foreigners.

Unlike in America, where things have set prices, merchants in China are much more flexible when it comes to payment for small amounts. When you are buying snacks or small souvenirs, exact change isn't always necessary. Don't feel ignored if the merchant you are dealing with brushes you off quickly during payment. They will often want to hurry through the smaller transactions and won't worry that you are 1 or 2 yuan short.

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The bartering system in China also aligns with this fact. Chinese people will expect you to make them an offer on goods that do not have a price tag. The conversation that develops around buying an item is a form of respect and can be a fun way to relate to locals.

Visit China And Get To Know The People For Yourself

China Highlights can help you on your way to exploring China's greatest cities and sights as well as interacting with locals and experiencing their culture first hand. Take a look at our most popular tours to get a feel for what it is like to live in China. Also, check out our create my trip option and plan a trip that's as unique as your own interests.


What are 10 interesting facts about China? ›

10 Fascinating Facts about China
  • The 3rd largest country in the World (by area) ...
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN) ...
  • Toilet Paper was invented in China. ...
  • Red symbolizes happiness in China. ...
  • Fortune Cookies are not a Chinese custom. ...
  • There is only one time zone in china. ...
  • Ping Pong is China's National Sport. ...
  • Tea was discovered in China.
Aug 12, 2021

What are some interesting facts about Chinese people? ›

Check out the facts below:
  • 96% of Chinese people have black hair.
  • 100% of Chinese people were born in the country.
  • 90% of Chinese people believe it's better for parents of children to be married rather than not married.
  • 90% of Chinese people think women should have the same rights — and the same power — as men.
Aug 12, 2015

Why is it important to understand Chinese culture? ›

Chinese culture is important, as it plays a significant role in defining every aspect of a Chinese individual's life. This includes the way the individual conducts business, how one treats the family and elders, how responsibilities are distributed in a family, and so forth.

What are 20 interesting facts about China? ›

  • I prepared this article for the people going to teach English in China. ...
  • China has the world's largest population. ...
  • Chinese is the most popular language worldwide. ...
  • China is the fourth largest country in the world, after Russia, Canada and the United States. ...
  • China has the largest army. ...
  • China is home to all pandas.
Jul 26, 2018

What is the most interesting fact? ›

1.Hot water will turn into ice faster than cold water.
2.The Mona Lisa has no eyebrows.
3.The sentence, "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog" uses every letter in the English language.
4.The strongest muscle in the body is the tongue.
46 more rows

What do China people eat? ›

Grains and carbohydrates – Rice, Noodles, Buns

Rice and noodles are a very important part in the Chinese diet. Rice and noodles are equivalent to potato and pasta in the western diet. Handfuls of bite-sized meat and vegetables accompany the rice and noodles. Almost every meal uses rice.

What is Chinese famous for? ›

China is known for its architectural wonders such as the Great Wall and Forbidden City, its staggering variety of delicious food, its martial arts, and its long history of invention. More than just tea and temples, China is a fast-changing mix of the ultra-modern and the very ancient.

What are 3 traditional foods in China? ›

The 15 Most Popular Chinese Dishes, Tasty Chinese Food
  • Peking Roasted Duck. Beijing Roasted Duck. ...
  • Kung Pao Chicken. Kung Pao Chicken. ...
  • Sweet and Sour Pork. Sweet and Sour Pork. ...
  • Hot Pot. Hot Pot. ...
  • Dim Sum. Cantonese Dim Sum. ...
  • Dumplings. Dumplings. ...
  • Ma Po Tofu. Ma Po Tofu. ...
  • Char Siu. Cantonese Char Siu.
Jan 20, 2022

What is China's culture like? ›

The Chinese traditional cultural values of harmony, benevolence, righteousness, courtesy, wisdom, honesty, loyalty, and filial piety are embodied in China's diplomacy through the concept of harmony, the most important Chinese traditional value.

What are 5 facts about ancient China? ›

10 Ancient China Facts for Kids
  • Ancient China spans over 1800 years. ...
  • There were three main dynasties. ...
  • The Zhou dynasty is split into two parts. ...
  • Proof for the Xia dynasty emerged only recently. ...
  • Sun Tzu lived during the Eastern Zhou period. ...
  • The first parts of the Great Wall of China were built.
Oct 30, 2021

What are China cultural traditions? ›

With a rich history of more than 5,000 years, China enjoys many traditional festivals that you may encounter on a trip to China such as the Spring Festival, Lantern Festival, Tomb-Sweeping Day (Qingming Festival) to the Dragon Festival and Mid-autumn Day, each with its own significance and features.

What are 3 traditional foods in China? ›

The 15 Most Popular Chinese Dishes, Tasty Chinese Food
  • Peking Roasted Duck. Beijing Roasted Duck. ...
  • Kung Pao Chicken. Kung Pao Chicken. ...
  • Sweet and Sour Pork. Sweet and Sour Pork. ...
  • Hot Pot. Hot Pot. ...
  • Dim Sum. Cantonese Dim Sum. ...
  • Dumplings. Dumplings. ...
  • Ma Po Tofu. Ma Po Tofu. ...
  • Char Siu. Cantonese Char Siu.
Jan 20, 2022

Top 10 Chinese culture facts. The Chinese have a rich culture which they have managed to sustain for thousands of years and they are still strong at it handing it down generations.. While they have several beliefs and taboos they are keen to follow, there are some main culture facts one needs to know and understand especially if you intend visiting the country or living around the Chinese community.. The following are some of the top Chinese culture facts you should know.. The Chinese believe that the Chinese Zodiac animals can affect one’s current personality as well as affect their destiny.. With more than a quarter of the world’s population using Chinese as their first language and a larger percentage adopting the language, it is evident that the culture is not only strong in China but also across the globe.. The Chinese dragon is a symbol that has long been used in the Chinese culture.. Food for Chinese is not just a meal but it also comes with a rich culture behind it.. The family is an important aspect of the Chinese culture.. The above are some of the top Chinese culture facts you should know.. This entry was posted in Chinese Food , Chinese Survival Skills , Uncategorised , Understanding China , Understanding Chinese Culture and tagged China , chinese , Chinese Culture , chinese family , culture , language , martial arts , superstition , Understand China , understanding , Zodiac .

A few words have also gone the other way too, from English to Chinese.. The hard bit is mastering the tones .. Mandarin is a tonal language, which means the pitch or intonation in which a sound is spoken affects the meaning.. For example, if you say tāng with a high tone it means soup, but táng with a rising tone means sugar.. In Mandarin Chinese, there are four basic tones and a fifth neutral tone.. Here’s a popular example: at Chinese New Year, you’ll often hear the phrase nián nián yǒu yú, meaning may you have abundance (yú) every year.. The word for fish, although written differently, is pronounced in exactly the same way as the word for abundance: both are yú.. Famous quotationsHere are two sayings from ancient philosophers.. The works of China’s moral philosopher, Confucius , are collected together in a work called The Analects , dating from around 400 BC.. Because Chinese has a continuous writing tradition, students today can still read and understand these ancient works.

Today I’m going to present to you the most common 36 Chinese habits to help know more about Chinese people.. But Chinese don’t do that because, as we all know, Chinese don’t like to express themselves to others, especially to the strangers, they seldom talk to people they don’t know well.. Chinese love drinking it at breakfast in the morning, just like western people drink milk every morning.. Etiquettes you may not know about Chinese tea drinking Chinese think the rice is full of dirt and dust.. Chinese grew up eating rice (for southern people) and noodle (for northern people) as the main staple, just like western people love eating staples such as bread, potato, and pasta.. Undeniably, the Chinese still find vanity appealing, but more important is that Chinese consider the reputation of a brand name the guarantee for quality and design.. On the other hand, as China’s economy has grown enormously and the rapid industrialization has occurred in China, Chinese are getting more and more wealthy, which enable Chinese consumers to afford more world famous brands.. Nowadays there aren’t many tattoo shops, tattoo artists, and people with tattoo in China and most Chinese people with tattoo are still considered the bad guys, the gangsters.. You can see Chinese are blessing others with red color stuff such as the red packets for Chinese New Year, the red eggs for birthday events, etc.. But for those traditional Chinese, they consider the lunar calendar the more official one, which is a way to respect the Chinese traditional culture.. Baijiu, which is an alcohol that encompasses all traditional Chinese grain spirits, is consumed the most by Chinese.. How to drink with the Chinese The number 4 is considered very unlucky because it’s resembling the Chinese word for “death”.

Over one billion people live there – and today we’ve got some of coolest, wackiest and wild facts about China that will amaze you.. Chinese has 1.4 Billion and is the country with the most people in the world .. China has a long history and is home to one of the world’s oldest civilizations.. In China, people speak… Chinese!. That will take a long time to learn if you don’t learn quickly with a Chinese tutor !

2.200 years ago, the game that later turned into football (soccer) was invented in China.. With more than 1.4 billion people, China holds the world record for having the largest population on Earth.. #2 China facts – Photo: TonyV3112 / Shutterstock.com. Today more than 3 billion fortune cookies are made each year, but it’s not a traditional Chinese custom, even if many westerners think otherwise.. China is the 4th largest country by area in the world, but the railways are widely expanded throughout the country.. Total Population : 1,415,045,928 Capital : Beijing Life expectancy : 75.7 Years Highest Mountain : Mount Everest Land area : 9,596,961 km2 (3,705,407 square miles) Largest Lake : Qinghai Lake National Day : 1 October Government : Unitary one-party socialist republic Party General Secretary and President : Xi Jinping Currency : Renminbi (CNY) – (¥) Official language : Standard Chinese Official script language : Simplified Chinese Religion : No official religion Official Website : www.gov.cn Member of Nato : No National song : Yìyǒngjūn Jìnxíngqǔ – “March of the Volunteers” Time zone : China Standard Time (UTC+8) Country Number/Prefix : +86 Country Code : CN

Most westerners never talk about money.. However, if you live in China, some of your Chinese friends may ask how much money you make per month – don’t be surprised by this unique Chinese culture fact!. So, it’s time to check out what your Chinese Zodiac is if you are keen to know more about Chinese cultural facts.. Family is greatly valued in China, and perhaps one of the most important things here.. This is a new Chinese cultural fact.. In Confucianism, respect for the rulers, elders, family, and creating social harmony are all extremely important.. Especially during the Chinese New Year, the whole country halts and celebrates together.. Chinese culture values respect above all else, so the language can be quite ambiguous when it’s time to reject someone .. With an understanding of these cultural facts about China, you’ll be well on your way to discovering the beauty of this unique culture!

To understand the People’s Republic of China and its culture better, let’s dig out some facts about Chinese culture and tradition.. 2018 is the year of the dog as per the Chinese Zodiac, while 2019 will be the year of the pig.. Of all the Chinese Zodiac years, the year of the dragon is considered to be the luckiest.. Mandarin is the official language of China and also the most widely spoken language in China.. China has a rich tradition and many festivals are celebrated in China as a part of the tradition.. Some of the most popular Chinese festivals are the Chinese New Year or the Spring Festival and, the Dragon Boat Festival.. Chinese New Year is celebrated with a great fervor with people stopping their business and work to join the family for celebrations.. As the Chinese new year arrives, the Chinese are especially curious about the zodiac animal of that particular year and use it to predict fortune.. The Chinese dragon is an important symbol in China.. Chinese believe that the people born in the Dragon year are influential.. The pronunciation of “clock” in Chinese is the same the pronunciation of “end” in Chinese.. The Chinese pronunciation for “pear” is the same as that of Chinese pronunciation for the word “leave”.. Many Chinese couples plan the birth of their child so that it is born in the year of the dragon.

Chinese is the hardest language in the world, that’s why people chose it quite rarely for learning.. There are practically no Chinese language in South America and Africa.. We call this language Chinese, but many linguists separate this group of dialects into a separate branch.. The most common dialect of this language is North Chinese.. Sometimes this language is called “mandarin”, especially by Western literature, but the Chinese themselves call it “putonghua”.. And since the official language in this country has a name of the hieroglyph of guanhua, or “the language of officials”, it soon became known as “mandarin”.. The written language of China is fundamentally different from all other languages and consists not of letters, but of hieroglyphs.. In total, there are about 80 thousand different characters in the Chinese language at the moment, but most of them are no longer in use.. Chinese is a tonal language.. Disputes are disputes, but for now, Chinese is one language with different dialects.. In 1946, Chinese became one of the official languages of the United Nations.. For this, the Chinese officially hit the Guinness Book of Records as one of the most complex languages in the world.. The Japanese took many characters from the Chinese characters.

Even though China is the 3rd largest, it has the highest population in the world.. Check The best VPN for China 2022 .. Fortune Cookies (Credit: pixabay.com). Check out: Beijing Time .. There is an entire culture and art that surrounds Chinese tea.. Longjing Tea in my hometown Hangzhou actually means, “Dragon Well”, a place suitable for the planting of the famous green tea.. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is not only the world’s longest, but also oldest canal.. This museum is quite small, but it is home to 2,000 pairs of chopsticks that date back to the Tang Dynasty.

China has the world’s largest population.. As at 2016, the country has a population of more than 1 billion people.. Of course, 2 years later the population must have increased by a few thousand.. 14% of people in the world speak Chinese.. The army has over 2 million soldiers, with the second largest defence budget.. China is popular as the country of pandas.. In architecture, The Chinese built the world’s biggest man-made structure (Great Wall of China) .. The law was put in place to protect Chinas large ageing population.. Today, we all seem to enjoy this Chinese invention.

China is the most populated country in the world (with more than a billion people in 2016).. Population of China is more than 4 times bigger than population of the US One in every 5 human is Chinese Chinese is the most popular language in the world (based on number of native speakers) 14% of people in the world speak Chinese. Russia is almost 2 times bigger than China!. Chinese army has the biggest number of soldiers in the world (more than 2 million people).. If you see a panda in other countries, it means it is lent from PRC (People’s Republic of China).. China is the most populated country in the world.. China is a huge country with only one time zone!. It’s really unusual that the whole country is having a holiday for such a long time.. What’s interesting, Chinese New Year is celebrated in many other countries in the world.. Considering the huge population of China, it is very likely that Chinese New Year is even more popular than Christmas !. Another interesting fact about Chinese war skills is that they invented kites to frighten their enemies more than 3000 years ago.

The Chinese were the first people to use silk, jade, bronze, wood and paper to create art.. Ice cream originated in China in 2,000 BC.. It was created by mixing ice with rice snow.. It took over 37 years to build.. Climbing the steps of the Great Wall of China. China has led the construction industry since ancient times.. China is also home to the largest ancient palatial structure in the world, The Forbidden City.. Today China is the most populated country in the world.. During the Chinese New Year around 3 billion people fly to their hometowns to celebrate the occasion with their families.. Chinese New Year celebrations span over 15 days.. The red packet is a key element of the Chinese New Year.. Dragon dances and dragon kites are an integral part of the Chinese New Year celebrations.. Even though they are largely associated with Chinese culture, fortune cookies did not originate in China.

After I came home I learnt the Chinese proverb from the philosopher Confucius that means: ”To have friends come from afar is happiness, is it not?” So yeah, they were just happy we were there.. The first time I was asked to take a photo, I extended my arm to the camera, happy to photograph the Chinese family together.. I never said ‘no’ to anyone that would ask to take a photo of me, whether it was in Chinese, in mimics or little English, I appreciated that they have asked.. Because when the train stopped, a group of Chinese walked by our door, camera ready, snap and walk and another snap and walk and another snap and walk and another…. You might be the next buying the tickets for the attraction, but another Chinese will appear from nowhere and shout something in Chinese at the man behind the counter.. No wonder you never see the Chinese sitting on the floor, not even at train stations when your train is 2 hours delayed and there are no seats available.. This was a measure to control the numbers of the Chinese population, that accordingly to Song Jian, a top Chinese official, it represented a huge risk for the environment and the Chinese economy.. It is a westernized “Chinese” food.. There are even a couple of websites that help the Chinese choose their English name.. Same in restaurants: the title of the menu might be in English, but the menu itself is in Chinese.

China is the single most populated nation and one of the largest countries in the world.. 2) As of September 2020, China is the most populated country in the world with over 1.4 billion people (1,439,323,776).. But here’s an even interesting fact: many countries in the world celebrate Chinese New Year as well.. 2022 is the Year of the Tiger.. (Here are some Chinese New Year traditions! ). 17) Every single Panda living in the whole world belongs to China…except for two!. 19) Chinese people are the biggest travel spenders in the world.. Ancient Chinese people created the world’s first soccer ball made of leather.. Here Are A Few More Interesting Things About China:Discover China for yourself… You can learn about Chinese life, language, and culture by studying at a Chinese university!

For those of you who may be pondering a move to China, I’m going to share with you ten things that I both hate and love about China.. No bumpkin from the middle of nowhere China on their holiday in the big city is ever going to stop and ask me how long I’ve been in China or try to make any small talk for that matter.. I always wondered how Chinese people traveling abroad would feel if I did the same thing to them in my country, so one time I did.. I’ve been called “lao wai” so many times in China that I like to joke around and tell people it’s my Chinese name sometimes.. It doesn’t matter how long you stay in China – you will always be “lao wai.” You can speak Chinese fluently, practice tai chi , prepare a mean plate of dumplings, and write Tang Dynasty era poetry in water calligraphy, but if you don’t look like them, you’ll still just be “lao wai.” Perhaps this is the reason that even though I’ve been in China for five years on and off, I refuse to make a long-term commitment here.. I don’t study Chinese as much as I should, I don’t go out looking to meet Chinese friends as much as I should, and I don’t try to integrate myself in the culture as much as I should.. Commonly referred to as “The Great Firewall of China” and perhaps more impressive than the original, this drives both foreigners and Chinese crazy.. Maybe I had some romantic idea of China before I came here, that it would be pandas running around doing kung fu while old men with awesome fu man chu mustaches sat around smoking long pipes and women wore their colorful traditional clothes, but I have found it harder and harder to find ancient Chinese culture.. Instead, it’s glass after glass of rocket fuel (AKA Chinese bai jiu) and constant calls of “Bottoms up!” The Chinese word for “ cheers ” (干 – gān bēi) literally means “dry glass,” and they will accept nothing less.. For public holidays in China , the government likes to make people think that they’re getting a long holiday.. During a recent Spring Festival, many people worked nine days in a row so they could have seven off, and they worked an extra day the week after the “holiday.” As a result, you’ve got millions of stressed out, tired people all trying to travel at the same time.. This is the part about Chinese tour groups that really grinds my gears – their willingness to lie and rip each other off (you’ll rarely find foreigners on these things).. Hey, at least I know how to swear in Chinese … Should you ever be propositioned to join a Chinese tour group, run as fast as you can.. As the writer, I must remind people to please read the entire post, as well as the follow up – “ 10 Things I Love About China .” Through the comments, it’s clear to me that many people didn’t even read the entire post, let alone the follow-up.. Tags: 10 things I hate about China , being a foreigner in China , being an expat in China , Chinese toilets , daily life in China , drinking culture in China , internet censorship in China , lao wai , life in China , public bathrooms in China , saving face in China , what I hate about China , what it's like living in China

Ultimately, Chinese and American people will find they have more similarities than cultural differences.. Even though Americans like to place people in the context in the search for common ground, small talk about age, income and marital status, all favoured by the Chinese, can feel intrusive and overly personal to an American.. Having said this, Chinese visitors to the United States can find the language and tone used in American workplaces rude and uncomfortable.. Communication style is indirect and Americans doing business with Chinese counterparts will need to learn to read between the lines.. The American workplace can seem ageist to older people, too, as youth culture is celebrated.. In Chinese companies, information is shared on a need-to-know basis, rarely filtering down from the top, while American corporate culture is generally much more open, with considerable effort being made to embrace transparency.. In terms of Chinese and American negotiation style differences, the worst thing you can do in negotiations with Chinese colleagues is to go out of your way to prove a point, regardless of the effect it has on others.. Americans can find this attitude to punctuality frustrating and time-wasting, while in negotiations, the Chinese will take advantage of the American need for speed, playing a waiting game to secure a better deal for themselves.

More than 30 million people in China live in "cave homes" carved into rock.Lucas Schifres/Getty Images. China's air pollution has gotten so bad that it's been linked to one-third of the country's deaths.. More than 82 million people in China live on less than $1 a day.Taro Taylor/Flickr. The Chinese invented toilet paper around 851 A.D. By the end of the 14th century, around 10 million rolls were being produced a year.. China has the world's largest standing military with more than 2 million active soldiers.Wikimedia Commons

“About China, did you know …”: this is a small introduction that you will not hesitate to use during your next meetings with acquaintances, thanks to this list of 88 facts and anecdotes about China and the Chinese, compiled by China Information.. China is not really a communist country even though the Chinese Communist Party has been in power for 65 years now.. It is falsely thought that the Chinese have all spoken a single language for millennia: Chinese.. Chinese cuisine is one of the most varied in the world, so much so that we speak of “Chinese cuisines” in the plural.. If it is true that the 55 national minorities represent barely 8 to 10% of the current Chinese population, out of a mass of 1.4 billion Chinese, it still represents 140 million individuals, which is twice the French population.. There are more than 500 Chinese surnames, but about one million Chinese people share 100 identical surnames.. The Chinese New Year also called “Spring Festival”, based on the lunar calendar, is the most important holiday for the Chinese.. There are Chinese, both red and blond, as well as blue-eyed Chinese who are neither albinos nor half-breeds of Western parents.. Ping-pong is one of the most popular games in China but is not a Chinese invention.. “Fortune cookies” or “Chinese biscuits” are not a traditional Chinese custom.

No need to hold a Visa to visit The Forbidden City, or Beijing for that matter.. Make sure to stay up to date on the air pollution levels for the days you are visiting.. China's National Stadium where the games take place, known as the Bird's Nest, is “one of the key engineering marvels in the world today.” It is the world's largest steel structure and the most complex stadium ever constructed in the world.. More than 7 million people call Hong Kong “home”.. Mount Everest, the tallest mountain peak on the planet at 29,029 feet tall is found on the border of China and Nepal.. For most climbers, it takes multiple days to reach the top of Mount Everest.. It is the only place on earth these animals exist in the wild.. China is the country with the world's largest population, at about 1.4 billion people, with approximately half of the people living in China's cities.. Chinese green tea is the oldest and most popular type of tea in China.. If you travel for food, head to China's Fujian province.. Food in Shanghai is often sweeter than foods you will find around the rest of the country and more sugar is consumed here than in other areas of China.. Shanghai is another city in China you can visit Visa-free!


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