Impact of culture on illustration | OneZeroEight (2022)

Impact of culture on illustration | OneZeroEight (1)

Impact of culture on illustration | OneZeroEight (2)

Impact of culture on illustration

Impact of culture on illustration | OneZeroEight (3)

Today, illustrations can be observed all around us. For example posters, advertisements, video games, films, magazines and many more. There are ‘n’ number of artists, rendering styles and examples of illustration. But what makes illustration a preferred choice in the field of branding? Culture’ and ‘illustration’ are two vast topics and commonly used terms.
So, before diving into the topic let us just brush up on what the terms mean.

Impact of culture on illustration | OneZeroEight (4)

What is CULTURE?

Culture can be explained as the ideas, customs and the social behavior of a particual group of people or a society. An individual’s belief system, thoughts, and experiences too are majorly influenced by the culture he/she has grown up and lived in.

Impact of culture on illustration | OneZeroEight (5)

and what is


(in the field of art)

Put in simple words, illustration is the visual depiction of any concept or idea by an artist. It can include paintings, drawings, sketches, cartoons and so on.

Impact of culture on illustration | OneZeroEight (6)

Both these terms being extensive and majorly subjective explaining their relation in a concise form becomes difficult. So, we will be going through the artworks of 2 artists and observe the differences. Following are 2 legendary Indian illustrators and cartoonists from the same era. Both of them have worked for similar kind of clients and have been loved by the audience till date. The artworks referred to are of Mario De Miranda and Rasipuram Krishnaswami Laxman (R. K. Laxman). You must have surely known about these two illustrators and remembered their work. Before observing their works, le us have a brief idea about their backgrounds.

(Video) How Culture and Technology Create One Another: Ramesh Srinivasan at TEDxUCLA

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Mario Miranda was born to catholic parents in Daman (then in Portuguese India).
He studied in St. Joseph’s high school Bangalore and St. Xavier’s College Mumbai
Earlier he worked for magazines and newspapers where his artworks used to be published. He then moved to countries like Portugal and London where he worked for different newspapers and television animation.

Impact of culture on illustration | OneZeroEight (8)

Impact of culture on illustration | OneZeroEight (9)

Impact of culture on illustration | OneZeroEight (10)

R. K. Lakshman


On the other hand, R. K. Laxman was born in Mysore in a Tamil Hindu family. He grew up in a big family of 10 people. Completing his schooling from a govt. school of Mysore and graduation from the University of Mysore he continued his freelance artistic activities. He worked for local newspapers, created famous mascots for brands like Asian paints and his creations also include sketches done for ‘Malgudi Days’ and ‘Wagle Ki Duniya’.

Impact of culture on illustration | OneZeroEight (11)

R. K. Lakshman


On the other hand, R. K. Laxman was born in Mysore in a Tamil Hindu family. He grew up in a big family of 10 people. Completing his schooling from a govt. school of Mysore and graduation from the University of Mysore he continued his freelance artistic activities. He worked for local newspapers, created famous mascots for brands like Asian paints and his creations also include sketches done for ‘Malgudi Days’ and ‘Wagle Ki Duniya’.

Impact of culture on illustration | OneZeroEight (12)

Below are illustrations depicting ‘family’ rendered by the mentioned artists. The artwork may be done for different purposes but the approach, the treatment, the details and the environment clearly define the cultural differences.

Impact of culture on illustration | OneZeroEight (13)

by R. K. Laxman

(Video) How art gives shape to cultural change - Thelma Golden

Impact of culture on illustration | OneZeroEight (14)

by R. K. Laxman

It is pretty obvious that the two pieces of work depict a different scenario of families altogether. besides these differences we
can observe other elements too which show the impact of the artist’s background. Right from the clothes, the posture of
people to the small background elements hold the essence of this impact.Example given, the family rendered by R. K.
Laxman (one on the left) is a typical Indian family. Looking at the furniture, the window, the kind of curtains one can
immediately tell about the ‘Indianness’ in the picture.

Whereas the scenario in Mario Miranda’s illustration (one on the right) depicts a whole lot of western influence. Here, we can
observe that the food items shown, the sitting arrangement and other details too, are usually less seen in Indian families. If
the dressing of the people is observed a mixture of Indian and foreign culture can be noticed. In the above comparison you
must have noticed how the small elements and their differences can bring a change in the environment of the artwork.
These are those details which help depict the culture of the illustration (situation depicted in it) more clearly and effectively.

Diving deeper, we can also observe the difference between the line treatment used by both the artists. The rendering style
used by Mario Miranda is more of closed and tight forms which give a touch of sophistication. On the other hand, loose andfree flowing lines can be seen in R. K. Laxman’s work. Although both the artists worked in the same city in the same era with a relatively similar style, yet their works differ largely. The way they perceived people, environments around them and what they saw differed according to their cultural differences.

Following are some more observations of artworks of these two artists.

Impact of culture on illustration | OneZeroEight (15)

Impact of culture on illustration | OneZeroEight (16)


Impact of culture on illustration | OneZeroEight (17)

Considering the above points we have know how culture impacts his/her artwork. Now, what difference does this impact have, why is it even important? To answer this question there is simple formula: we express what we perceive, the more effective an expression, the better is the impression. Following is a brief explanation of the same.

Impact of culture on illustration | OneZeroEight (18)

CLARITY about the idea, concept or briefvgiven. Before any project is planned (be it a personal project or for a client) a clarity of the idea or the brief and the concerned audience is necessary. To understand and know more about the audience’s thought processes, choices and mindset having knowledge about their culture becomes necessary.

(Video) Impact of Culture On Self-Concept and Relationships With Others” | Ashwini Kulkarni | TEDxYouth@BHS

Impact of culture on illustration | OneZeroEight (19)

Impact of culture on illustration | OneZeroEight (20)

Impact of culture on illustration | OneZeroEight (21)

THE PROCESS of illustrating something becomes a little easier with this clarity about the audience. One gets the relevant content and elements to depict in the artwork. The desired environment can be built and a clearer message can be conveyed through an artwork.

THE IMPACT of illustrations which are ‘culture rich’ is relatively more. The concerned audience can relate much better when they see an artwork depicting familiar environment. This is where the audience can experience a connection and sometimes nostalgia.

Impact of culture on illustration | OneZeroEight (23)

Thus, the impact of culture in illustration is such that it can make people relate better and eventually increase the remembrance of any particular artwork or a brand. Any art taken into consideration is more or less influenced by the culture that particular artist has grown up in, his/her social history and experiential knowledge


Impact of culture on illustration | OneZeroEight (24)

Considering this impact of culture and its use in illustration, one of best examples given could be that of Paper Boat drinks. The brand interestingly depicts all the childhood memories of an Indian kid through illustrations. With its nostalgic illustrations Paper Boat has made a special place in the audience’s hearts. Eventually one remembers the brand better and this becomes a distinguishing factor for the brand too.
Following are a few illustrations from Paper Boat.

Impact of culture on illustration | OneZeroEight (25)

Impact of culture on illustration | OneZeroEight (26)

(Video) Arts Impact on Culture

Impact of culture on illustration | OneZeroEight (27)

Another excellent example for this impact is the brand Air-India. Using different cultural elements to depict different states and countries is what Air-India did back then. These ads are something we surely remember till date.

Impact of culture on illustration | OneZeroEight (28)

Impact of culture on illustration | OneZeroEight (29)

Impact of culture on illustration | OneZeroEight (30)

Impact of culture on illustration | OneZeroEight (31)


Impact of culture on illustration | OneZeroEight (32)

The impact of the culture in the illustration is such that…
One can use it and drive the audience’s attention accordingly.
Any illustration or artwork can be made more impactful considering these small things. The particular or idea message to be conveyed can be clearer and more attractive.
illustration has the potential to increase a brand’s visibility, connect with the audience and make them remember a brand for a long time.


Impact of culture on illustration | OneZeroEight (33)

R. K. Laxman – Wikipedia

Mario Gallery and Shop (

(Video) BEES & their IMPACT on SCIENCE | Google Arts & Culture

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How does culture impact art? ›

It means that an artist's work is influenced by culture. To some extent, all artworks are products of their culture, reflecting prevailing assumptions and beliefs. The greatest works of art, on the other hand, have the ability to transcend their time of creation.

How are art and culture related? ›

How is art and culture related? Art influences society by changing opinions, instilling values and translating experiences across space and time. Art in this sense is communication; it allows people from different cultures and different times to communicate with each other via images, sounds and stories.

How is art dependent on culture? ›

Each culture has ideas and customs that they value. Artists are a product of the culture and society in which they grew; and as such, they are influenced by the customs and norms of their society. Often, their artwork reflects upon and upholds the objects, ideas, and customs that that society values.

How does art impact culture and society? ›

Art influences society by changing opinions, instilling values and translating experiences across space and time. Research has shown art affects the fundamental sense of self. Painting, sculpture, music, literature and the other arts are often considered to be the repository of a society's collective memory.

Why is art culture important? ›

Arts bring different people together, and culture helps to appreciate each other with their diversity. They bring about understanding. Lessons acquired from these subjects can be applied in learning positive behaviors and lifestyles that need consistency. Making improvements and progressing in life needs time.

What does cultural mean in art? ›

Cultural arts, such as music, art, drama, creative writing, photography and dance, are tools that help develop the mind and body, refine feelings, and thoughts and reflect and represent our customs and values as a society. Cultural arts help to explain the world in which we live through an exploration of creativity.

What is cultural value in art? ›

Cultural value was assessed by disaggregating it into five components: aesthetic, social, symbolic, spiritual and educational value. As a test of H2, the symbolic and spiritual components were specified as value to the individual himself or herself, and value to others or to society in general.

What is the connection of art and culture are they the same? ›

Every single thing that we create is a culture. Art is one of the aspects of culture. It is a very defined creative approach to making objects or making concepts. It is defined as a physical thing that we create be it a painting or a movie or whatever.

Can art exist without culture? ›

Without culture, there really can't be art, as we know it, because art cannot exist separate from culture. Art reflects culture, transmits culture, shapes culture, and comments on culture.

Is art culturally dependent? ›

Art is form of culture as poems are an express meaning using cultural symbols. Few would deny an apparently obvious articulation between art and culture yet any understanding of this relationship clearly hinges on what we mean by 'Art' and what we perceive as 'Culture.

What is the social impact of art? ›

The presence of arts is linked to increased neighborhood livability, community identity, and social wellbeing. Research ties the benefits of arts participation to the informal education and empowerment of the community, and to a sense of pride and community ownership.

What are the impacts of visual arts? ›

Its inception in the elementary curriculum, arts education positively benefits students' learning. Based on analysis of some relevant research literature, findings revealed that visuals positively impact students' behavior, engagement creativity, and academic performance.

How does art impact our lives? ›

Art gives us meaning and helps us understand our world. Scientific studies have proven that art appreciation improves our quality of life and makes us feel good. When we create art, we elevate our mood, we improve our ability to problem solve, and open our minds to new ideas. According to Dr.

How does culture impact learning? ›

Culture includes what people actually do and what they believe. Culture influences greatly how we see the world, how we try to understand it and how we communicate with each other. Therefore, culture determines, to a great extent, learning and teaching styles.

What is culture and creative art? ›

The Cultural and Creative Arts (CCA) is an integration of Music, Arts, Drama and Dance in which a student is expected to grow into and with the cultural heritage of his people. He/she is expected to perform naturally as a product of the culture aid, appreciate and acquire the elements of his cultural heritage.

What is an example of art within a culture? ›

Art and cultural expressions can for example be in the form of theatre, literature, painting, sculpture, poetry, music, dance, architecture, story telling, spirituality and rituals.

What is culture in art? ›

Cultural arts, such as music, art, drama, creative writing, photography and dance, are tools that help develop the mind and body, refine feelings, and thoughts and reflect and represent our customs and values as a society. Cultural arts help to explain the world in which we live through an exploration of creativity.

Do art reflect culture or shape it? ›

It reflects our ever changing culture and has the ability to alter society's values. Moreover, art brings meaning into people's lives and helps preserve the world's culture and societies.It is a manifestation of society and a reflection of people's intricate identities.

What is cultural identity in art? ›

Artists often explore the characteristics that determine our personal and social identity. They construct a sense of who we are as individuals, as a society, or as a nation. They question stereotypes and conventions while exploring attributes such as gender, sexuality, race, nationality and heritage.

What is cultural influence? ›

Cultural Influences. Cultural influences means historical, geographical, and familial factors that affect assessment and intervention processes.

The digital world has significantly decreased the importance of art and culture in people’s lives.. With better tolerance, enhanced health and learning, and opportunities to unite with each other, art and culture improve the quality of life and boost well-being for communities and individuals alike .. Even if it doesn’t, you still need some level of creativity in your life.. According to Vancouver’s Arts, Health and Seniors Project , taking an active part in the arts provides a host of great health benefits, including physical and emotional well-being and social cohesion.. That’s why art and culture are so important.. They give us the opportunity to showcase our knowledge and talents.. Joanne Liebenberg, a professional dancer from South Africa who now lives and works in the U.S., has proven that talented artists can spend their careers sharing their talents and their artistry with audiences all around the world while also being transformed themselves.. It is my life's work and a part of who I am.. "I have dance to thank for all my travels, which include performances in more than 20 countries.. I am thrilled to further my dance career working all over the US.". Expressing your emotions is vital for your well-being and you don’t have to fight with anyone to show your emotions.. You can do it with the help of art.. You don’t have to be an artist and draw a masterpiece.. Art and culture boast plenty of opportunities for gaining knowledge.

On January 30th 2020, World Health Organization (WHO) Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus declared coronavirus a Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC).. Though I no longer had an official home, I was happily stranded in New Zealand, the country with one of the lowest Covid-19 death rates per capita worldwide to date in the pandemic and whose Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s leadership has been internationally recognized for its humanity and effectiveness.. While political conversations in the US, France, Spain, UK, Germany, India and Brazil focused on trade-offs between saving lives and saving the economy, dialogues in New Zealand, South Korea, Japan, China, Singapore, and Taiwan centered more around the efficacy of public safety measures in eradicating the virus completely.. In his model of national culture differences, Trompenaars identifies seven cultural dimensions which are relevant to understanding diverging national and local responses to coronavirus:. In this context, we saw war analogies being used alike by US President Trump, France’s President Macron, UK Prime Minister Johnson, and Brazil’s Bolsonaro to further their localized approaches to public health and safety measures.. Another useful cultural framework to make sense of diverging COVID-19 responses is Hofstede’s cultural dimensions of uncertainty avoidance and power distance.. Lower scoring countries on the Uncertainty Avoidance Index (i.e. the UK, China and the US) feel more comfortable with uncertainty, while higher scoring countries (i.e. Italy, Russia, France) have a greater need for certainty, for predicting the future and receiving reassurance.. In addition, Hofstede’s Power Distance Index, defined as “the extent to which the less powerful members of organizations and institutions (like the family) accept and expect that power is distributed unequally", gives us insights into the variation in social acceptance of public health policies.. Latin American, Asian and some African countries demonstrate higher power distance scores, while Germanic countries, including Anglophone countries, show lower power distance scores.. My father stayed at home for a month during the lockdown imposed by the government but eventually he had to step out of the house for his work (he is in construction).. If citizens’ survival is not even guaranteed through a social safety net from the government, how can we expect them to feel the same personal responsibility to public health?. MPP student Lily Nienstedt shares about her parents’ experience in Germany: “My parents live in Germany and though I have no idea when I’ll get to see them next, I feel grateful because I feel like it is safer there and will remain safer there.. Even though case rates at times have increased in Germany, the government has been so much more consistent, and Germans seem to be following guidelines at a much higher rate - probably because the messaging has been super clear.. As countries rush at different excitement levels to test and disseminate vaccines, our ability to understand and better navigate our different cultural environments will ultimately determine our success in 2021 for collectively managing the resources required to put an end to COVID- 19.

Definition of culture in the context of an organisations and organisational behavior along with components that shape a culture are discussed below followed by analysis of impact of culture on international business.. Every organisation has its distinct culture; managers should ideally have good understanding of organisational culture to develop meaningful strategies.. It should be noted that the visible aspects of a culture can have different meanings in different cultures e.g. identical hand gestures could mean different meaning in different cultures.. Every culture undergoes gradual changes, this is known as cultural diffusion, and cultural values which have proven beneficial are adopted and incorporated into different cultures through intelligent selection.. Analysis of impact of culture on international businesses is made in the following text in order ascertain the level of cultural understanding manager should possess in order to perform successfully.. Lee et al. (2011) studied the impact of culture in international organisations in the context of expansion into newer regions with different prevailing cultures and concluded that it is vital for any such organisation with the intention to move into new areas that the cultural differences are understood and mapped in order to bridge the gap between business units performing in multiple cultures.. The study further proves that a multinational company with presence in many different cultures will have a smaller cultural gap than an organisation which is operating in a few different cultures; the reason of this abridged gap is the learning factor from working in different cultures.. The levels of similarities between cultures vary for different countries.According to international business theory, multinational organisations try to expand into countries which have more similarities and fewer differences in two cultures so that cultural mismatch can be avoided.. The importance of cultural understanding in successful international companies is reflected from their marketing strategies which are grounded in the cultures of the target industries.. Alternatively, a company with weak understanding of the target company’s local culture can commit disastrous mistakes in developing the marketing strategy through designing advertisements which offend people because of culturally unacceptable content.. In a study about the cultural sensitivity and how it affects business relationship with special reference to exports (Alteren, G. 2007) it was confirmed that having an adaptive business model with an open minded approach is crucial for success in the case of operating in different cultural territories, these traits facilitate flow of information to and from customers.. The importance of understanding different cultural values and the methods to operate effectively and efficiently in the bounds of those cultural values can be gauged from a student survey which resulted in a lot of students demanding more learning material on different cultures, most students maintained that they only learn about different cultures and how to cope with the problems of new cultures through student exchange and internship programs.

Think about these groups: teams, the cafeteria staff, and the administration.. How they interact with each other and the students can be vastly different from school to school.. For example, the culture of one school may be like this:. Understand students learn in different ways.. A teacher must be flexible and use his/her skills to educate all of the students in the classroom.. Culture impacts us even within religious settings. I shared stories relevant to the topic and engage in discussions with my students to help them learn the facts needed.. Give your students time to work on projects as teams – This allows the more reserved students to interact more with their friends.. Invite speakers from different cultures – This allows students to hear about other cultures and see individuals who represent their particular culture.. Incorporate different perspectives into lessons – It doesn’t take much time to mention facts that would interest all of your students.. An often overlooked aspect of culture is how intelligence is perceived by students and teachers.. For example, students who believe intelligence represents a "fixed quality,” meaning intelligence cannot be changed because of various factors, prefer to do activities in which they are successful.. For this reason, teachers must scrutinize their values about intelligence.. In conclusion, to engage in best practices, teachers should encourage administrators to make culturally responsive training a part of ongoing professional growth and be willing to implement techniques that are evidence-based in the classroom.. Culturally and Linguistically Responsive Teaching and Learning responsive teaching and learning; classroom practices for student success.

Popular culture is the longer form of pop culture and is described as the entirety of beliefs, attitudes, ideas, perspectives, images, and other aspects that are within a given culture.. The body part will highlight the kind of effects pop culture creates in the society more so on women and teenage girls.. Personally, as a teenager, pop culture has helped me build and strengthen my interactions with people who we share the same culture.. Despite the benefits pop culture offers to the society, it is seen to harm the same society as well because many teenage girls idolize the persons in pop groups.. For example, in the book ‘Beauty Myth’ by Naomi Wolf (2002, p 3), she states that “The notorious Calvin Klein ad campaigns eroticized sixteen-years-old when I was a teenager, the eroticized fourteen-year-old models in the early nineties, then twelve-year-old in the late nineties.” This shows the extent to which popular culture has influenced women and young girls to copy others in terms of dressing which has increased sexual immoralities in the society.

Reddy S, Anitha M. Culture and its Influence on Nutrition and Oral Health.. For most people food is cultural, not nutritional.. Abdul Arif Khan et al (2008) 8 had conducted a study on prevalence of dental caries among the population of Gwalior ( India ) in relation of different associated factors.. The prevalence of caries may be high or low in people whose general nutritional standard is high, and it may be high or low in people whose nutritional standard is low.. Social and cultural implications of food and food habits, American Journal of Public Health 1957, 47; 732-740.

If you aren’t “woke,” you’re at risk of being “cancelled,” or experience a certain level of “woke bashing.” Cancel culture has infiltrated the very fabric of our society, so much so that some people, like the woman who came up to me in Santa Cruz, are afraid to learn, engage, and speak up.. In the New York Times research piece about cancel culture, Lisa Nakamura, professor at the University of Michigan studying the intersection of digital media and race, gender, and sexuality, defines cancel culture as “a cultural boycott….. Political writer Amanda Marcotte posed the begged question in a piece she wrote for Salon, “If we had a justice culture, would we even need to worry about cancel culture?” When we are unable to rely on a justice system to punish those who have committed a crime, or expressed racial or sexist behaviors, we the people turn to cancel culture for retribution.. In this case, cancel culture impacted justice culture.. Besides highlighting racial and societal inequalities, cancel culture can also have a powerful impact on brands we support and how we consume their products.. If we had a justice culture, would we even need to worry about cancel culture?

By following the steps in the IETF code, you will get an OTP value but it will not work with the Google Authenticator App.. Steps of the algorithm The secret (string) which is shared between the client (you) and the Server application.. Since we want the OTP to be valid for 30 seconds, we will divide the TotalMilliseconds in the previous step with 30000.. The Server application may provide you with a QR Code and also a secret string along with the QR code.. Convert the timestamp value to a byte array and reverse the array to a Big Endian format and store it in data variable.. Use the data variable and pass to ComputeHash method and get the computed Hash byte array into hmacValue variable.. Figured out another way to generate QR code which Google Authenticator App can read.

Understanding the culture of the people with whom you are dealing is important to successful business interactions and to accomplishing business objectives.. How people communicate; How culture impacts how people view time and deadlines; How they are likely to ask questions or highlight problems; How people respond to management and authority; How people perceive verbal and physical communications; and How people make decisions.. From Mexico City to Buenos Aires—whether in business or as a part of the vibrant society—the history and culture of Latin America continues to have deep and meaningful impact on people throughout Latin America.. Understanding the culture of the people you are dealing with is important to successful business interactions as well as to accomplishing business objectives.. how people communicate how culture impacts how people view time and deadlines how people are likely to ask questions or highlight problems how people respond to management and authority how people perceive verbal and physical communications how people make decisions

There are many cultural elements within one culture.. Cultural competence is more than just being respectful of other cultures, nor does it mean that a person is just aware of the customs and traditions of specific cultures.. Cultural competence has four aspects that correlate with each other, namely: awareness of one’s own view of the cultural world, attitude on differences between cultures, cultural knowledge acquired on various cultural beliefs, views, and practices, and lastly, the skills between different cultures and their interrelationships.. Usually, the dominant culture has an advantage because their culture is considered as the basis for how all cultures will be treated.. Cultural assimilation usually occurs when a minority group or its members have to live in a society far different from their cultural milieu due to migration or prevailing societal conditions that allow a particular culture to be dominant.. In cultural diffusion, a culture spreads towards other cultures, in aspects as diverse as food, language, lifestyle, traits, habits, customs, and technology.. But even those factors are influenced by cultural ones, or we may say, those factors, ultimately, are cultural factors too, with economic, entertainment, sports, and others being under the broad umbrella of rubric of a concept that is culture.. Proponents of cultural relativism argue that norms, values, beliefs, and ideals depend on the cultural context, which is what a particular culture is cherished and held dear.. Only those who do not belong to that particular culture could be accused or guilty of cultural appropriation, and only those who belong to the dominant culture.. In disrespecting it, one ultimately disrespects the culture to which it belongs, further denigrating the culture and contributing to the culture of marginalization and oppression.

How does Tourism Industry impact a country?. Now let us understand the travel industry's impact on the world and country economics.-. What are the positive effects of tourism on the economy?. If they do nothing and destroy their local environment, then it is likely that tourist numbers will fall, but if they take the lead and make big changes, they will protect the environment; this should positively impact tourist numbers and deliver growth to the local economy.. In some Small Island Developing States (SIDS), tourism accounted for 80% of exports, although it also forms a major share of national economies in developed and developing countries.. Governments and businesses are focused on:. Before COVID-19, travel and tourism had become one of the most significant sectors of the global economy, accounting for 10% of global GDP and supporting over 320 million jobs.. Consequences of travel limitations imposed by Omicron. New coronaviruses spark epidemics and pandemics.. Nor is the economic impact restricted to the nations most reliant on tourism.. Travel and tourism industries will continue to be impacted: Numerous reports indicate that travel limitations imposed by the new Omicron COVID-19 version are placing the travel and tourist sector at a severe disadvantage and jeopardizing or shutting down operations of small and medium-sized businesses in particular.

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Yet at the same time, the majority of arts organizations surveyed also thought that mobile devices, ringing cell phones and texting create “significant disruptions” to live performances, and that technology contributes to an expectation that “all digital content should be free.” Survey respondents were split regarding their opinions of whether technology had negatively impacted audience attention spans for live performance, but they uniformly dis agree that it has “diluted the arts” by opening new pathways to arts participation and arts criticism.. Technology is also helping arts organizations extend their impact, far beyond a one-time performance or event:. The internet and digital media provide an amazing opportunity for arts organizations to extend the impact of the arts.. Technology is making it possible to create community around a piece of art:. A number of respondents worry about meeting increased audience expectations:. People will have higher expectations for a live event.. This has increased the potential audience for our live performances.. At the same time, organizations will struggle with funding to keep up with technology.. Survey results reveal that on a purely practical level, the internet, digital technologies and social media are powerful tools, giving arts organizations new ways to promote events, engage with audiences, reach new patrons, and extend the life and scope of their work.. “That’s been a huge change in the 30 years I’ve been in the business.”. But, technology has also disrupted much of the traditional art world; it has changed audience expectations, put more pressure on arts organizations to participate actively in social media, and even undercut some arts groups’ missions and revenue streams.. Beyond the practical, the internet and social media provide these arts organizations with broad cultural opportunities.

Globalization has not only inculcated the westernization in India, but conversely the Indian culture has also spread its impact globally.. RE: Globalization and its impact on Indian Culture.. RE: Globalization and its impact on Indian Culture.. RE: Globalization and its impact on Indian Culture.. RE: Globalization and its impact on Indian Culture.. RE: Globalization and its impact on Indian Culture.. RE: Globalization and its impact on Indian Culture.. RE: Globalization and its impact on Indian Culture.. RE: Globalization and its impact on Indian Culture.. RE: Globalization and its impact on Indian Culture.. RE: Globalization and its impact on Indian Culture.. RE: Globalization and its impact on Indian Culture.. -hari (05/18/15) the article was quiet informative but the mentioning of hindi as national language is disgusting,tehnically speaking all languages spoken in india are national languages,please donot mislead people and create space for hindi hegemony... RE: Globalization and its impact on Indian Culture.


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