Modern South Asia : History, Culture, Political Economy Sugata Bose .PDF - berdankioner (2022)

Modern South Asia : History, Culture, Political Economy Sugata Bose .PDF - berdankioner (1)

Modern South Asia : History, Culture, Political Economy Sugata Bose .PDF - berdankioner (2)

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Drawing on the newest and most sophisticated historical research and scholarship in the field, Modern South Asia provides a challenging insight for those with an intellectual curiosity about the region. After sketching the pre-modern history of the subcontinent, the book concentrates on the last three centuries. Jointly authored by two leading Indian and Pakistani historians, it offers a rare depth of historical understanding of the politics, cultures, and economies that shape the lives of more than a fifth of humanity. In this comprehensive study, the authors interpret and debate the striking developments in contemporary South Asian history and historical writing, covering the entire spectrum of the region's modern history - social, economic and political. The book provides new insights into the structure and ideology of the British raj, the meaning of subaltern resistance, the refashioning of social relations along the lines of caste, class, community and gender, the different strands of anti-colonial nationalism and the dynamics of decolonization. This third edition brings the debate up to the present day, taking account of recent historical research and covering the closer integration of South Asia with the global economy, the impact of developments in Afghanistan on the region as a whole, and the fresh challenges to South Asia's nation-states. show more kr4jk5eksad23b2

Modern South Asia : History, Culture, Political Economy Sugata Bose .PDF - berdankioner (3)

Other details of Modern South Asia : History, Culture, Political Economy
Format Paperback | 270 pages
Dimensions 156 x 234 x 12.7mm | 476g
Publication City/Country London, United Kingdom
Language English
Edition New edition
Edition Statement 3rd New edition
ISBN10 041577943X

Modern South Asia : History, Culture, Political Economy Sugata Bose .PDF - berdankioner (4)

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