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If you’re looking for a list of great movies about animals and vegan living, we have you covered. Thanks to Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, Prime Video, and other streaming services, many life-changing movies are easily accessible. You could host viewing parties at your place with friends and family or conduct them virtually by watching the films simultaneously in the comfort of your respective homes.

Here are some vegan-related movies and where to stream them:

The End of Medicine (2022)

BAFTA-winning director Alex Lockwood’s newest documentary, The End of Medicine, highlights how using animals increases the likelihood of existential health threats such as zoonotic disease, chronic disease, and antimicrobial resistance. Because shooting began before the COVID-19 pandemic, the film offers a unique look at how zoonotic diseases start and rapidly spread, in addition to being a warning that future pandemics will result from using and eating animals. Dr. Alice Brough and other experts on agriculture, politics, and medicine discuss how the end of animal agriculture is necessary to stop the development of new antibiotic-resistant diseases. Actors and animal activists Joaquin Phoenix and Rooney Mara served as executive producers on the film.

To learn more, listen to The PETA Podcast episode featuring special guest Dr. Alice Brough.

Watch on iTunes.

The Invisible Vegan (2022)

The Invisible Vegan is a documentary about dietary patterns in the African American community and how going vegan can help alleviate some health issues that commonly affect Black Americans. The film tells the story of codirector Jasmine Leyva’s journey to going vegan, along with the personal experiences of other vegan activists and celebrities.

Watch on Prime Video, Tubi, or Vimeo.

Seaspiracy (2021)

Seaspiracy, a documentary by directors Ali and Lucy Tabrizi, uncovers the commercial fishing industry’s harmful practices and highlights the pressing need to protect marine animals and our world’s oceans. The film comes from producer Kip Andersen, who was also behind Cowspiracy and What the Health. In the process of making the film, the team came to understand the vast scale of destruction that the global fishing industry is responsible for and the shocking way that governments and environmental groups have profited from it. Seaspiracy is a compelling story that reveals the one thing we can all do to save our oceans and the animals who call them home.

Watch on Netflix.

My Octopus Teacher (2020)

A 2021 Oscar nominee for Best Documentary Feature, My Octopus Teacher is a film about an unlikely friendship between filmmaker Craig Foster and an octopus. Foster spent a year freediving in a kelp forest off the coast of Cape Town, South Africa, where he forged a bond with an octopus and learned about her way of life. His experience is just another example of the way humans can learn so much from observing and respecting other animals—including just how similar we really are.

Watch on Netflix.

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Breaking the Chain (2020)

This documentary features behind-the-scenes footage following PETA’s dedicated fieldworkers, who respond to calls for help around the clock in all weather extremes. These first responders are on the front lines of the national overpopulation crisis, and Breaking the Chain shows their tireless work to help change the world for the dogs, cats, and other animals in our communities. It is available to stream for free on Prime Video and for only 99 cents on all other platforms.

Watch on Apple TV, Google Play, Prime Video, Vimeo, Vudu, or YouTube.

The Animal People (2019)

PETA supporter Joaquin Phoenix served as executive producer for The Animal People, which tells the story of six animal activists who were targeted by the FBI for exposing one of the world’s largest animal-testing labs.

Watch on Apple TV, Google Play, Netflix, Prime Video, Vudu, or YouTube.

The Game Changers (2019)

The world’s biggest myth about meat is about to be busted by this flick brought to you by James Cameron and Louie Psihoyos, director of The Cove. Former Ultimate Fighting Championship winner and military combat instructor James Wilks embarks on a “quest for the truth” that puts him in touch with top athletes and experts around the world who reveal that the best way to excel in sports and life in general is by eating plant-based foods.

Watch on Apple TV, Fandango Now, Google Play, Netflix, Prime Video, Vudu, or YouTube.

Long Gone Wild (2019)

Long Gone Wildexploresearly orca captureand confinement—from the first capture and display of an orca, Namu, to the creation of the “legend” ofShamu—and covers the evolution andsubsequent failures of SeaWorld.

Long Gone Wildis available on multiple video-on-demand services including Apple TV, Google Play, Amazon, Vimeo, VUDU, and Fandango NOW. Cable providers—including DIRECTV, xfinity, Cox, Spectrum, Verizon, Sling, Google Fiber, Frontier, CenturyLink, Mediacom, Suddenlink, dish, and Rogers—will also be screening the film. Check Amazon, Walmart, Barnes & Noble, or Best Buy to purchase it on DVD.

Watch on Google Play, iTunes, Prime Video, Tubi, Vimeo, Vudu, or YouTube.

Sled Dogs(2017)

In the Iditarod, dogs are forced to run approximately 1,000 miles—about the distance from Memphis, Tennessee, to New York City—through biting winds, blinding snowstorms, and subzero temperatures. More than 150 dogs have died as a result of the race, not including countless others who were killed simply because they weren’t fast enough or who died during the off-season while chained up. Sled Dogs, a documentary by director Fern Levitt, exposes the ugly behind-the-scenes cruelty in the dogsledding industry.

(Video) Here's What Happens To Your Brain And Body When You Go Vegan | The Human Body

Watch on Apple TV, Peacock, Plex, Prime Video, or Tubi.

Okja (2017)

Jake Gyllenhaal plays a deranged zookeeper in ‘Okja,’ which is being called the world’s first vegetarian action movie.

Watch on Netflix.

What the Health (2017)

The filmmakers behind the popular Cowspiracy expose a different side of the food industry that contributes to and profits from a health epidemic.

Watch on Apple TV, Google Play, Netflix, Prime Video, or YouTube.

COWSPIRACY: The Sustainability Secret (2014)

Leonardo DiCaprio is the executive producer of this documentary, which takes on the meat industry, the most environmentally destructive force on the planet today.And this flick is changing the world. The owner of a Texas restaurant has decided to switch to a completely vegan menu after seeing it!

Watch on Apple TV, Google Play, Netflix, Prime Video, or YouTube.

Fed Up (2014)

This documentary explains that at the rate at which the U.S. is currently eating, one out of every three Americans will have diabetes by 2050. It focuses on the obesity epidemic in the U.S. and the negative effects of fast food and sugar.

Watch on Apple TV, Google Play, Prime Video, The Roku Channel, Tubi, Vudu, or YouTube.


This groundbreaking documentary tells the story of Tilikum, a captive orca at SeaWorld, and provides an in-depth look at marine-animal parks. The film resulted in a backlash against SeaWorld, which continues today.

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Watch on Apple TV, FlixFling, Google Play, Hoopla, Magnolia Selects, Microsoft Store, Prime Video, Redbox, Vudu, or YouTube.

The Ghosts in Our Machine (2013)

The subject of this award-winning documentary is photographer Jo-Anne McArthur, whose photographs challenge our view of animals as food and clothing as well as animal-tested goods and animal entertainment. It may be a wake-up call for the viewer, who might be seeing animals as individuals rather than objects for the first time.

Watch on Apple TV, Google Play, or YouTube.

Forks Over Knives (2011)

This documentary compares the Western diet with that of other countries, which have lower rates of cancer and heart disease. It challenges authorities who seem to be ignoring the link between meat and dairy consumption and disease in order to protect the status quo in the U.S. and touts the benefits of plant-based foods. Also check out Forks Over Knives—The Extended Interviews.

Watch on Apple TV, Google Play, Hoopla, Prime Video, Tubi, Vudu, or YouTube.

Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead (2010)

This inspirational documentary starts with a road trip across the United States to spread the word about juicing and then turns to focus on an overweight truck driver and his subsequent journey to lose weight by drinking plant-based juices.

Watch on Apple TV, Hoopla, Kanopy, Microsoft Store, Peacock, Pluto TV, Prime Video, Tubi, or Vudu.

Food, Inc. (2008)

If you’ve ever wondered what’s in your food or how it’s made, this documentary is for you. Scratch that—this movie is for everyone, because we all eat food! You’ll learn why corn finds its way into even the most unlikely foods, about the cruel practice of fattening chickens with hormones to speed their growth, and how current laws exonerate corporations and companies, such as factory farms, from being held accountable for their methods of production.

Watch on Apple TV, FlixFling, Google Play, Hoopla, Microsoft Store, Pluto TV, Prime Video, Redbox, Tubi, Vudu, or YouTube.


I Am An Animal: The Story of Ingrid Newkirk and PETA (2007)

Meet the woman who founded PETA. See what makes her tick, see how far she is willing to go to help animals, hear what her detractors say—some who fear any threat to their bottom line and others who are envious of her success—and meet some of the animals who have benefited from her tireless work.

Watch on YouTube.

Fast Food Nation (2006)

Taking a critical view of the fast-food industry, this award-winning movie examines everything that goes into making a hamburger—including the fecal matter, marketing schemes, cruelty to animals on factory farms, and treatment of their employees—all to the fast-food lover’s dismay.

Watch on Apple TV, DIRECTV, Google Play, Microsoft Store, Prime Video, Vudu, or YouTube.

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Super Size Me (2004)

This documentary tells the tale of a man who subsists entirely on McDonald’s food for one month and all the disturbing effects that his experiment has on his body and mind.

Watch on Apple TV, fuboTV, Google Play, Hoopla, Kanopy, Microsoft Store, Prime Video, Redbox, Vudu, or YouTube.

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What is the movie that makes people go vegan? ›

The Game Changers

If you're interested in the health benefits of a plant-based diet, The Game Changers is a landmark documentary that makes fascinating viewing material. Plant-based diets have been linked to numerous health benefits, including reduced risk of type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

What is the Netflix documentary about being vegan? ›

What The Health Documentary (Netflix) One of the best vegan documentaries for anyone interested in health and wellness. This movie will open your eyes to the collusion and corruption of government establishments concerning food, health and nutrition.

What is the Netflix movie about not eating meat? ›

The Game Changers is a 2018 documentary film about athletes who have plant-based diets.

What is the documentary on Netflix about slaughterhouses? ›

Thought-provoking documentary Cowspiracy explores the negative impact agricultural farming has on the environment. The film was crowdfunded in 2014 and a version exec-produced by Leonardo DiCaprio was eventually released on Netflix in 2015.

Is Oprah Winfrey vegan? ›

In 1996 she invited former cattleman Howard Lyman onto her show. Despite the fact that she currently eats a non-vegetarian diet, Oprah Winfrey has done more than nearly anyone else in the media to publicize the benefits of veganism.

Is Leonardo DiCaprio A vegan? ›

Is Leonardo DiCaprio vegan or plant-based? DiCaprio has never publicly stated that he's vegan, but he has been active in the plant-based scene in recent years. The Academy Award-winner has invested in a number of plant-based companies.

What should I watch out when going vegan? ›

What to consider when going vegan
  • Lack of protein. Cutting out fish and meat will cut your main source of protein, which is vital for a healthy body; it affects your cells, muscles, skin, hair and nails. ...
  • Iron deficiency. ...
  • Lack of calcium. ...
  • It's tricky to get B12 and omega-3. ...
  • Most wine is off limits.
Jan 3, 2018

What is the longest someone has been vegan? ›

Donald Watson hasn't eaten meat or fish for over 80 years and has been vegan for over 60 years. He is living evidence of the phrase "The proof is in the pudding". Even at 94 he still tends his garden and walks to the top of local hills.

Is there any vegan film? ›

You Can't Get it. Photographic film for vegetarians or vegans isn't something you'll find for sale. Plant-based photographers wishing to use film must either willingly, or ignorantly, use byproducts of slaughterhouses; boiled-down: skin, bone, ligaments.

Is Schwarzenegger A vegan? ›

Arnold Schwarzenegger has adopted a largely plant-based diet in recent years, espousing the benefits on both a personal health and fitness level, and environmentally. And while he is "not 100 percent vegan," and may still eat meat occasionally, the seven-time Mr.

Will we ever stop eating meat? ›

Overall, Anthis has a median estimate that animals will provide less than 10% of human food by 2068. Another external factor which might accelerate the progress is fears about climate change.

Is there blood in the meat we eat? ›

Information. Blood is removed from beef during slaughter and only a small amount remains within the muscle tissue. Since beef is about 3/4 water, this natural moisture combined with protein is the source of the liquid in the package.

Why did Kevin Hart go vegan? ›

Kevin Hart

After wrapping up filming 2019's Jumanji: The Next Level, Kevin Hart announced on Instagram that he was going plant-based for his health. The actor and comedian is an investor in Beyond Meat and has worked on several campaigns with the company.

How did Joaquin Phoenix go vegan? ›

“For me it's my life and it has always been my life, and it's really one of the most important things to me,” says Joaquin. “When we were younger and we went vegan, it really wasn't about health. We did it because of the mental ramifications of our understanding of animal agriculture.

What is the movie against animal cruelty in Netflix? ›

Seaspiracy (2021)

The film comes from producer Kip Andersen, who was also behind Cowspiracy and What the Health.


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