Your Guide to Lisa Vanderpump's Restaurants, from SUR to the Vanderpump Cocktail Garden | Bravo TV Official Site (2023)

Among Lisa Vanderpump’s many accomplishments is being a successful restaurateur: Together with her husband, Ken Todd, the Vanderpump Rules cast member has owned over 30 restaurants and bars for over 30 years in the United States and England.

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Lisa is personally close to every project. “I walk in and I know every inch of that place,” she recently told Forbes about visiting her establishments. “Every inch has been designed, created by us and if doesn’t work, it’s all coming back to me.”

And with that, each locale also has its own unique feel. "Some of it is eclectic, I would say. If you go into Pump, it’s all about hundred-year-old olive trees. Tom Tom has got incredible pieces — almost like [a] romantic industrial [aesthetic]. Villa Blanca is a little more European. SUR is very eclectic again," she told in 2019.

Although SUR and TomTom are most frequently featured on Vanderpump Rules, they’re certainly not Lisa and Ken’s only current endeavors. They also have two Las Vegas establishments, Vanderpump Cocktail Garden and Vanderpump à Paris.

In recent years, Lisa has had to close the doors to Villa Blanca, which was featured in earlier seasons of both The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills andVanderpump Rules, and she shuttered Pump in May 2023.

Ahead, get a full recap of Lisa and Ken’s most prominent restaurants.

Villa Blanca

Your Guide to Lisa Vanderpump's Restaurants, from SUR to the Vanderpump Cocktail Garden | Bravo TV Official Site (1)

A server in an angel costume serves champagne at Villa Blanca in The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Season 3. Photo: Bravo

This Mediterranean-inspired Beverly Hills restaurant first opened its doors in 2009, and some Vanderpump Rules cast members — including Scheana Shay and Ariana Madix — got their start working at Villa Blanca before transferring to SUR.

"It is quite eclectic, which you do have the luxury of doing in California. You can put together a menu that really reaches out and suits everybody," Lisa explained of the eatery in a 2014 episode of Robert Earl's showBe My Guest.

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Lisa announcedin 2020 that the restaurant would be “closing up our doors for good.”

“We will definitely be opening up the other restaurants as soon as the government allows it and they are safe to open,” Lisa explained, also adding that “many of the Villa Blanca staff members will be relocated to these businesses.”

SUR Restaurant & Lounge

“Villa Blanca is where you take your wife; SUR is where you take your mistress,” Lisa once famously explained. Indeed, SUR — which is the focal point of Vanderpump Ruleshas seen its fair share of drama. The West Hollywood locale’s moniker is an acronym for Sexy Unique Restaurant — and no one can say it isn’t aptly named.


How Did Lisa Vanderpump's SUR Restaurant Get Its Sexy, Unique Name?

For this venture, Lisa and Ken joined forces Guillermo Zapata and his wife Nathalie Pouille-Zapata (whom fans will recognize from the show) as co-owners of the eatery back in 2005. (Guillermo first opened the restaurant back in 1998 and brought Nathalie on board after meeting her there in 2001.)

The establishment was the center of some of the show’s most iconic moments, including Pride events and James Kennedy’s See You Next Tuesday DJing gig. Among the popular menu items that patrons order over and over are the Pumptini cocktail and the goat cheese balls appetizer.

Although many Vanderpump Rules cast members have moved on from their serving and bartending positions at SUR, a number still remain today: Charli Burnett and Raquel Leviss were still on staff during Season 10, and James still DJed See You Next Tuesday.

TomTom Restaurant & Bar

Your Guide to Lisa Vanderpump's Restaurants, from SUR to the Vanderpump Cocktail Garden | Bravo TV Official Site (3)

Lisa Vanderpump Gives an Exclusive Tour of Tom Tom!


Tom Schwartz and Tom Sandoval Reveal the Exact Best Place to Sit at Tom Tom

TomTom is Lisa’s venture with Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz. After much prep work, buzz, and pre-opening fanfare (all of which were documented on Vanderpump Rules of course), the West Hollywood establishment first opened its doors in 2018.

For Schwartz and Sandoval, the ambience of the restaurant was of top importance. "Right when you walk in, you get natural light, double bar stools right at the beautiful bar. As you go deeper in, there are these half-circle private booths. And then as the sun goes down and it gets dark, it reveals this beautiful garden,” Sandoval explained in 2018. "Start at the bar, go out to the garden, meander, and then come back to the half circle."

Your Guide to Lisa Vanderpump's Restaurants, from SUR to the Vanderpump Cocktail Garden | Bravo TV Official Site (4)

Wall art of the Toms' kissing inside of Lisa's restaurant, "Tom Tom". Photo: Bravo

In the same interview, Schwartz explained the best way to enjoy the atmosphere: "You get a cocktail at the bar, then you sit down by the fireplace, you whisper sweet nothings into each other's ears, then you go to the shot bar, take shots, get the mojo flowing. Then you go to the garden and you fall in love all over again — or for the first time!"

Pump Restaurant Lounge

Your Guide to Lisa Vanderpump's Restaurants, from SUR to the Vanderpump Cocktail Garden | Bravo TV Official Site (5)

Ready for a luxurious garden party at any moment.

Vanderpump Rules viewers watched Lisa and Ken open Pump with a lavish party in Season 3. “I’ve been working on Pump for 14 months, so to be opening the doors tonight, I am ecstatic,” Lisa said in an episode interview. “Pump has been more challenging than any other restaurant we’ve opened. We’ve been craning in trees. I’ve been running around all over Los Angeles trying to make this the most beautiful garden in West Hollywood.”


Sadly,TMZ reported on May 4, 2023, that the West Hollywood eatery is shutting down. “It’s with heavy hearts that we announce that the lease at Pump Restaurant is expiring, and we will be closing its doors on July 5, after 10 years of beautiful evenings under our olive trees,” the Pump team shared in a statement to TMZ that was later posted to the restaurant’s Instagram account.

“While we have loved our time operating Pump, to take on another 10-year lease with a huge increase in rent by the landlords is not something we are ready to commit to. After successfully running 37+ establishments for many years, this type of rent is untenable,” the statement read.

The message on Pump’s Instagram concluded: “We will be open throughout Pride month in West Hollywood, to support the local community with one last hurrah, and we look forward to welcoming you all to TomTom & Sur in the months following!”

Vanderpump Cocktail Garden

Your Guide to Lisa Vanderpump's Restaurants, from SUR to the Vanderpump Cocktail Garden | Bravo TV Official Site (6)

Lisa Vanderpump Gives an Exclusive Tour of Vanderpump Cocktail Garden!

Lisa and Ken expanded their portfolio to Las Vegas in March of 2019, when they opened the doors to the Vanderpump Cocktail Garden at Caesar’s Palace with a splashy pink-themed event.


Lisa Vanderpump's New Las Vegas Restaurant Just Scored a Major Honor

A few months later, Saveur named the establishment among the “most Instagrammable restaurants in Las Vegas.”

To bring the locale its unforgettable atmosphere, Lisa worked with “genius” designer Nick Alain on the aesthetic. “It is absolutely a perfect location,” she told while giving a tour of the spot, seen in the video above. “We’re really happy with how it turned out.”

Among the spot’s unique features: a photo wall with snaps from Lisa’s personal collection, including art of her dogs, moving ocean art on the walls, and exposed piping outfitted with florals to give the place an “industrial garden type of feel.”

Vanderpump à Paris

Your Guide to Lisa Vanderpump's Restaurants, from SUR to the Vanderpump Cocktail Garden | Bravo TV Official Site (7)

Lisa Vanderpump is escorted by models walking poodles during her grand opening of Vanderpump à Paris at Paris Las Vegas on April 21, 2022 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Photo: Getty Images


The Red Carpet at Vanderpump à Paris’ Grand Opening Was Filled with Fabulous Fashion

When Lisa and Ken launched their second Vegas spot, Vanderpump à Paris, in April 2022, they celebrated with a star-studded grand opening bash. The Real Housewives of Beverly HillsGarcelle Beauvais was on the guest list, as well as Lisa’s longtime pal Lance Bass.

According to the hotspot’s website, the newest restaurant “features delectable dishes, whimsical and unique cocktails, and a lush, elaborate atmosphere with eclectic, Parisian-inspired design details.”

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